As a self assignment to get myself more confortable with the bsp tools of the Unreal Engine 4, I wanted to make a map which would take place in the context of Respawn Entertainement's Star Wars: Fallen Order.
In this map the player is on Mos Eisley, one of the most iconic sandy places in the Star Wars universe, and will face they nemesis at the end of this level.
- Level Design
- Lighting
To create this map I gave myself all the tasks required, such as: reference gathering, layout design, blockout, basic scripting.
I wanted to have the player surprised by the boss appearance while giving them a sense of dominance at the beginning of the fight.
Each combat encounter is paced with the usage of rifle and CQC enemies to challenge the player's awareness of the environment and make a sense of progression within the level.
To do so, I made the level as a progression within the environnement end on a fake door which will close as soon as the player approaches it, forcing them to backtrack a little.
After a few meters, a cutscene is triggered to show the appearance of the boss through the main door of the landpad.
The player is then expected to jump from the heights on the ship and start the combat.

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