Astronophobia is a puzzle game where both players will have to cooperate to find the antidote for a virus that infected their whole spaceship.
They will have to make their way through the ship while avoiding or killing the other occupants. 
Cooperation is key to moving forward:  Open doors for each other, find items to access restricted areas, and set up unfortunate accidents.
Game made in 5 days, with the constraint of having it support multiplayer via Parsec at the 3rd day (some Game Jam rules were given at random during the whole week to all participants to spice up the event).
- Level Design, Art & Building
- Lighting
Reference gathering, layout design, blockout, art placement, lighting and building.
1 -  Both players are trapped inside their respective cells. They have to communicate and hold a button in their cell to open the one of their doors. Once open, the player which is outside can use a panel to set their friend free as well.
2 - Players have to watch the pattern of the first guard and avoid them. The path is linear and predictable so the players  can understand how they work without getting too much of a challenge.
3 - The players have to release the oxygen inside the room to kill the guard. Once killed, they can restore the oxygen. One player have to hold the button to open the door so the second can pass through. Once inside, the second player can hold another button on their side to hold the door open for their companion.
4 - The guard here is quicker and have a less predictable path. The players have to learn its path so one can go to the button as the other turns around the corner. Once the laser is deactivated, the first player can join their friend.
5 - In this corridor, flickering lights and sounds makes the player uncomfortable as they rush to the exit.
6 - Both players have to hold buttons at the same time to deactivate the laser protecting the exit door. They can then jump off the edge and path through the exit door.
As we didn't have a lot of assets, I used lights to drive the players around the level, as they can easily identify each part of the level. I also used the lights to enforce some narrative elements I placed with certain areas of the level.
The main lights have a green-ish look to contrast with the warm presence of the sun in the first areas of the level, and to give a general dizzy/infected feeling.

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