2 - 4 Players Escape Room.
Student project submission for the Adobe Creative Week 2019.
- Level Design
- Level Building
- Game Design
- C# Programming
I was tasked to co-design the puzzles and make the Unity 3D demo for the submission.
TASKS - Level Designer

As one of the two designers in the team, one of my tasks was to elaborate puzzles. The main challenge was to make problems that could be solved by 2 or 4 people. 
Our solution was to create puzzles that use exploration, communication and usage of multiple elements, such as a physical document with some missing information that have to be found on one of the containers. One people is expected to interact with some object while the other look for clues to keep going.
Of course, someone could find a clue which would not be the one for the problem someone else would be working on, so we decided to have one type of "ressource" by problem: numbers for one, physical challenge for another, symbols for another one.
TASKS - C# Programming & Level Building

The project was purely hypothetic, but I thought that adding a realtime demo during our presentation could enforce our speech and give to the jury a better understanding of the escape room.
First I programmed a very simple first-person player character that can move around in the level.
As the main loop of an escape room is to search and find the elements themselves, I scripted a very simple script that allow interaction with the red elements within the scene using a raycast from the camera. This elements either trigger a sound when interacted with, or simply disappear if they are some obstacle/cover of a container.

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