High As Funk! is a single player mobile game based on the classical Dreamcast game Chuchu Rocket.
The goal of this project was to program a Chuchu Rocket like game while adding touch controls and one brand new mechanic.
In our version, the player have some "Funky Pills" that they have to put on the path of the characters to make the world change and switch the walls. If an ennemy walks on the pills, the world is reverted to normal.
The goal of this mechanic was to add a memory layer to the gameplay and have the ennemies being part of the resolution of the puzzles.
- Level Design
- Programming (C#)
- Additional UI Design
- Additional UI Art
I was tasked to program the game and 4 of the 9 levels. I also designed the UI of the action panel and realised its art assets.

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